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Introduction to Psychology: Final Assessment

Introduction to Psychology: Final Assessment


To be offered a place on this final assessment course, you must have upgraded on, and successfully completed the six courses of the Monash University Introduction to Psychology program. This assessment course will enable you to synthesise and apply the knowledge you have gained in the Introduction to Psychology program.

About the assessment course

This six-week course will guide you through the process of writing a literature review, a central task in any psychology research. Drawing on the content you have covered in your other Monash Introduction to Psychology Program courses, you will be able to choose a psychology topic you would like to research. 

You will need to complete three assessment tasks in this course: (1) Record a short video presentation in English on your topic; (2) Submit a literature review in English; and (3) Sit a final online exam in English, covering all six of the other courses in the Introduction to Psychology Program.

This course will require at least 70 hours of study.

Find out more detailed information about what you need to do on the final assessment course page, and then watch this short introductory video by lead educator, Associate Professor Matthew E. Mundy PhD.

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Deadline for enrolling in the Final Assessment Course:

You must be enrolled in this Final Assessment Course by 23:59pm GMT on Sunday, 3 November. This is to ensure you can be registered on the Monash learning platform in order to take your final exam at the end of the course.

Important notice: The last offering of the Program Final Assessment Course starts on the 28 October 2019. The current Program will conclude with this Final Assessment Course.