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Food as Medicine Final Assessment Course (NNEdPro)







If you have completed the Food as Medicine course and two courses from the Using Food as Medicine in Healthcare Practice program, we would like to offer you a place on this final assessment course that will enable you to apply the knowledge you have gained in your own professional context.

The Monash University set of ‘Food as Medicine’ courses are recognised by NNEdPro, as a pathway for doctors and other healthcare professionals to enter their International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE). NNEdPro is a global centre for nutrition and health anchored at the University of Cambridge, working to improve nutrition-related health outcomes for patients.

Completing this course will allow you to apply for membership of NNEdPro’s International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE), a global network of medical nutrition expertise, opportunities and initiatives for qualified healthcare professionals. Please note, completion of Food as Medicine requirements does not provide automatic entry to IANE. You must submit your certificate of completion from this Food as Medicine NNEdPro Pathway course with your application to IANE – find out more about applying to IANE

This course also allows you to apply for discounted membership of the US-based Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB). Based in the United States, SNEB promotes effective nutrition education and communication to improve healthful behaviours in the community through nutrition education and advocacy.

About the assessment course

This course does not present new content on food as medicine. Rather, this is a final assessment course.

Within this course you will demonstrate how you communicate nutrition and health information to patients by applying the knowledge you learnt in the Food as Medicine courses by producing video responses for two case studies (two videos in total). The purpose of the video response format is to further develop your communication and information technology skills, both of which are vitally important in professional settings.

It’s worth noting that the hours per week listed for this course reflect the preparation and production effort required for each each case study submission.

Once you have successfully completed this course you will be issued with a digital Monash NNEdPro certificate by FutureLearn. This provides you with the opportunity to apply for IANE membership. IANE membership enables access to a global network of medical nutrition experts and knowledge symposia, bespoke support and mentorship to implement nutrition into practice, and opportunities to participate in public health nutrition advocacy initiatives through NNEdPro’s partnership with governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Please note, IANE membership is only open to qualified health professionals.

What software or tools do you need?

No particular software or tools are required to complete this course, but to be eligible to apply to IANE using the Monash University Food as Medicine pathway, healthcare professionals will need to:

  1. Complete a minimum of two courses from the Using Food as Medicine in Healthcare Practice program.
  2. Complete the Food as Medicine course, being sure to meet all requirements to get a Certificate of Achievement.
  3. Purchase, complete and pass this Food as Medicine Final Assessment Course (NNedPro), which involves submitting two case study assignments for marking by Monash.

Please note, to upload two videos on YouTube for this course you will need to create a Google Account and a YouTube channel.

Depending on your internet connection and file size, upload times can be significant. Please allow sufficient time before the due date for your video to upload to YouTube.

Who developed the course?

Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities, ranked in the world’s top 1% by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It was established in Melbourne in 1958.