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Environmental Challenges: Final Assessment Course

Environmental Challenges: Final Assessment Course


You have completed the first five courses of the University of Leeds Environmental Challenges program and we would like to offer you a place on this final assessment course.

The final assessment course enables you to revise, practise and test the knowledge and skills you have gained in the Environmental Challenges program. You will register as a student at the University of Leeds for the duration of the course. This will give you access to:

* the University of Leeds student portal

* e-resources in the University library and on the University website.

You will not receive a student card and you will not be able to access any of the University of Leeds campus-based services.

Completing and passing the final assessment course will enable you to earn 10 credits from the University of Leeds. See the FutureLearn FAQs on credit for more information.

By accepting this offer and purchasing this final assessment course, FutureLearn will share your email address with the University of Leeds in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You will also be required to verify your ID.

Your email address will be used by the University of Leeds to give you access to your final online exam, to email you about the course and in order to send you a certificate, issued by the University of Leeds, to those who have passed this assessment course. You will be asked for your email address at checkout. Please use the email address you use for your FutureLearn account so that the University of Leeds can link their records with FutureLearn’s to effectively deal with your queries in the future. Your email address will be stored with the University of Leeds and subject to their Student Privacy Notice and the Privacy Notice for their website.

ID verification is where we match your ID with an image of you, to verify it’s you learning with FutureLearn. This way you can earn credit from universities and build trust in your Certificates of Achievement. A successful verification will result in the ID verified badge being shown on your physical and digital  Certificates of Achievement, and on your profile page. See our FAQ page for more details.


About the assessment course

The final assessment course is three weeks long with an additional two weeks to submit your final assignments. It will require approximately 30 hours of study.

The assessment course will introduce you to academic skills for studying at university. These include referencing, searching for books and journal articles, and academic writing skills. During the course you also have the opportunity to complete two practice assignments.

For the final assessment, you will write an essay (1,200 words in English) and submit a reflective log (300 words in English). You will only pass the course and earn 10 credits from the University of Leeds when you have passed the two written assessments with a mark of 40% or over.

More detailed information about the final assessment course can be found here.

The next and final run of this assessment will be 11th January 2021

By accepting this offer and purchasing this final assessment course, you consent to FutureLearn sharing the details in your profile with the University of Leeds. You also agree to the terms of the University of Leeds Student Contract. Your data will also be stored and handled by Shopify and will be subject to their Privacy Policy.